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Coaching and counselling by Trish Mair.

Couples Coaching & Counselling

The healing process begins by focusing on both your emotional and physical wellbeing using multiple approaches.

Our Value Statement

I believe that every human being deserves dignity and respect, and that personal worth, no matter who you are or where you come from, cannot be denied.

Couples Coaching & Counselling

In-person and online sessions are available. Consolidated written feedback is provided. Offering an integrated approach, we apply meaningful yet practical activities that are engaging and helpful in producing insightful and valuable information for deepening understanding and stimulating growth that is self-directed. While creating a safe therapeutic environment you are encouraged to take an active role in facilitating the growth of your relationship.

How we get the most from our work together

In a structured way we collaborate using a variety of methods to help you take action in becoming a more effective partner and to be part of the solution for a safe and secure partnership of equals. Working in a highly focused way toward a future.

When you focus on the here and now you realise that you cannot change the past but merely grow from it.

About It’s about you

Located in a friendly and small practice, you will feel at home here. Trish’s ability to hold space for you with empathy and compassion is a big part of what makes her an expert in her field.
Her aim is that you will never be pushed or hurried. Your sessions are about making you feel relaxed and supported so that you can proceed as quickly or slowly as you choose.

Your inherent capacity to know what is best for you will move you forward and unlock your potential. 

About Me

Life has held many gloriously happy moments that I treasure for having experienced them.

My journey has also had many challenges and trauma beginning in early childhood to dealing with the death of my precious children, to leaving the country, coming back and having to restart a life back and then dissolving a caustic marriage after many years.

Self-determination has been the guiding principle for me as I have navigated stormy unchartered waters of love hardship and inconceivable loss. I can put my finger on the many times in life where both resilience and self- agency has both supported and challenged me, and I can say without exception it was and still is the result of focus, commitment, and will, framed by mindfulness and reflection.

There is always a gift we can receive in trauma and hardship all we need to do is to be curious and we will find it.

My purpose is to be your partner who will ‘’show up in a strategic, collaborative and creative space to help you the most right now in moving forward.


My Experience

I enjoyed fifteen years managing, mentoring and training people nationally within a corporate environment which gave me the opportunity to witness the positive effect of coaching and how so many coachee’s flourished and grew personally and professionally. This was immensely rewarding and the start of my seven – year career in life coaching and wellness counselling.

I have a post graduate degree in psychology, and professional coaching training and bereavement training. I am also a SETA accredited trainer and assessor including numerous short courses for enrichment purpose.

To know more about others, we must first know ourselves.