Counselling that focuses on mind and body to improve your emotional wellbeing and the skills to flourish in spite of life challenges.

Wellness Counselling and Coaching for WomenExperiencing life issues that cause you to feel vulnerable, and emotional pain and anxiety does not mean that you have to deal with these experiences on your own.


Talking to someone is a brave start and can invite into your life new possibilities for rewarding experiences. Letting go of old ways that are holding you back from moving forward may open up new possibilities for you to get to know yourself in new and authentic ways. Consider that you are resourceful and that you have the potential for bringing peace and happiness you seek into your life.


I offer you a safe, supportive and confidential space to share your feelings and not be alone with your troubles. A space where you can be yourself to explore new paradigms that can make a positive impact on your wellbeing, thus laying out the grounds for a sustained sense of joy in your life.

  • Address effectives ways of dealing with matters that you feel are affecting you emotionally
  • Find strategies that work for you when you feel overwhelmed
  • Explore ways to find balance and harmony
  • Explore ways for emotional growth.
  • Gain insight into ways to improve your relationships
  • Find ways to dealing with change
  • Look at incorporating wellness into all areas of your life
  • Reveal the language world you live in that helps to explain your interpretation of the challenges you have in your life now.

Couples Counselling RoodepoortWhether you are seeking help to get through a break up or you are looking for ways to work through your relationship troubles and get back to what attracted you to each other in the first place. Your counselling sessions provide a trusting and sensitive space for you to be able to open up and talk honestly about how you experience your relationship and to explore the complex and confusing issues that seem to have got you to this space in your relationship.

The wellbeing of your relationship is an ongoing pursuit of finding better ways to love and support one another. Getting back the love laughter and tenderness you once shared is very possible it just takes courage, commitment and ownership.

Grief counselling for Adults Weltevreden ParkThe death of a loved one can leave you traumatised, lost, and devastated. You may be wondering how and why did this happen?

Chances are you are feeling very alone and struck down in disbelief for what has occurred. You may be feeling as though your world has just stopped, yet as you look around others still go about their day.

So many emotions are running through your head. You may be feeling rage at the sight of others being happy. You may feel numb as if you are void of emotions and no matter what anyone says to you it has no effect on your feelings right now.

This is called grief and no two people deal with loss in the same way!

It is a natural yet intense feeling of loss in so many ways. Although grief is one thing no one wants to feel it is a necessary and natural emotion and it is the first step in your recovery.

Seeking help can support you in moving through your grief so that you learn how to live without this person yet keep their memory alive.