Ways to improve your emotional health


Being in a state of harmony and gratitude has a strong influence on your happiness and emotional wellbeing. Each day set aside a little time to think about who you are grateful for and what you are grateful for. Go ahead and then write it down. Keep a journal to be a constant reminder of the little gems that make you happy and feel loved and supported.


be active

Feeling stressed, sad, anxious, or depressed can be a normal reaction to life’s everyday stressors.

However, when these life stressors persist over a period of time they could lead to unwanted physical and emotional health problems, which slowly creep up on you leaving you feeling a little out of sorts.

Doing any kind of exercise to get your heart rate up and give your weary muscles a workout has a positive effect of your stress levels. If possible, take some time to enjoy nature. Walk with your loved ones or your furry trusted companion. The physical action of walking contributes to slow even breathing and influences inducing relaxation, stress reduction, improved attention, and better sleep.

stay hydrated

Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day helps you keep a clear mind, it helps with headaches and mood swings, hydrates your organs, keeps you regular and improves your digestive system and gets your skin hydrated.

include fresh fruit and veg in your diet

Good to include fresh leafy vegetables and plenty of fruit into your diet every day. They supply you with all the fibre and anti-oxidants and vitamins you will need. The great thing about fruit is you can have them as a snack or a meal they are delicious either way.


Make time for the people in your life. Tell them how much they mean to you, laugh, and have fun with them. Specific hormones are released when you are happy. Serotonin is a memory and motivation hormone; Oxytocin is the love hormone and dopamine the reward hormone. Keep on stimulating these happy hormones to improve your mood and keep you feeling happy and loved