Why Group sessions for grieving teens and young adults

Group sessions form a support structure where you are encouraged to openly express your inner feelings and share your personal experience of losing a loved one.

All members of the group have one thing in common, which is their loss of a parent and or loved one. Having a place where you can feel understood in a safe space where you are free to express yourself in your own way.

This time of change brings with it many personal and emotional challenges that are better talked about with others who truly understand the complex emotions and feelings you are experiencing. As you learn to adapt to not having this person in your life any longer,  others may help to serve as a healthy compassionate supportive friend.

It is essential to acknowledge that the grieving process is a very confusing time and therefore, talking about it, can help you to make sense of your emotions your feelings and to look at ways to move forward.

We all have strengths, inner resources, and qualities to bring to the group. so by sharing your extraordinary life event in a group is both a healthy way to process your grief and a way to begin to work towards accepting the loss of your loved one.

Chances are that your story will profoundly and positively impact the lives of those who have listened and heard your story just as you will be affected by their stories.