How many counselling sessions should I have?

Making an appointment to see a counsellor or psychologist is a brave move for most of us especially if this is for the first time that you will be sharing deeply personal matters with someone you have never met before.

let’s talk about how many sessions may be helpful in dealing with matters you find are stressful and affecting your wellbeing and happiness.

Depending on whether there are a variety of life stressor that come up during your sessions; then six sessions at 60 minutes are generally suggested to deal with the matter that brought you to counselling in the first place.

It is wise to consider your progress over the course of your sessions and then at the end of the six sessions; you might decide to take a break from counselling, find out if you can do without any further sessions.

If you feel there are matters not yet dealt with then you deserve more time and care to deal with these issues that are distressing you.

Your inherent capacity to know what is best for you will move you forward to a feeling of self- fulfilment, potential and authenticity.