To know more about others, we must first know ourselves

My pathway to becoming a wellness counsellor and life coach began in the corporate environment where individual performance coaching and training was the focus of what I did. Seeing how rewarding and transformative coaching could be, and the power it had to develop insight and skills both emotionally and intellectually, made me feel that I belonged in this space.

Life struck a terrible blow when both my daughters and my son passed away unexpectedly within a fifteen-month period. Experiencing the loss of my children left me sad, distressed, resentful, angry and confused. Everything I knew and believed about my world had stopped suddenly, however, life circumstances at the time didn’t allow for me to take some time off from work as I was self-employed and had to make sure my bills were paid.

Living and dealing with grief, I naturally found myself puzzling about who am I? I was no longer a mother nor did I fulfil the roles I had before. The void my children left in my life was unimaginable, but I knew and understood that my grandson needed as much love and stability I could offer in his time of loss and change. I believe that strength, love and support helped us both begin to recover from our loss.

I accepted that part of my healing was to seek out a fresh sense of purpose and meaning. I knew that connecting with others in a supportive role is where I find peace and happiness and for these reasons, I turned my attention to furthering my studies in counselling and coaching

My goal was two- fold. The first was to learn more about myself and find healthy ways of living my life and the second goal, was to discover more about the complexities of human behaviour that determine how we go about dealing with our troubles and challenges.

During this time, I volunteered as a counsellor for the South African Depression and Anxiety Group fielding calls from people with life issues, anxiety and depression plus many more. My aim was to be able to connect with and support others in a way that helps to enrich mind and body.

I completed my studies in psychological counselling and then received a post graduate degree in psychology. I went on to study life coaching to be able to offer a depth and richness to both counselling and coaching.


I have a post-graduate degree in psychology. I am certified coach practitioner through the Centre for Coaching (UCT Graduate School of Business) which is accredited by the (ICF)international coach federation and (COMESA) coaches and mentors of South Africa. I am a certified member of the C4CSA Council for Counsellors South Africa